Hauling, shipping, extricating, salvaging
motor yachts, sailing cruisers, barges, trawlers,
in Britain and worldwide for 50 years.
+44 1254 705225 andrewrosthorn@mac.com
Hauling, shipping, extricating, salvaging
motor yachts, sailing cruisers, barges, trawlers,
in Britain and worldwide.

Nationwide, continental and worldwide transport of all craft.

We extricate all craft, long, wide or high, using steerable trailers and trolleys.

We unstep masts, transport by road and sea, lift, launch and re-rig all craft.

We support offshore research, exploration and construction.

We deliver dive support craft on time-critical moves for offshore subsea operations.

We pack and ship yachts of all sizes across the Atlantic Ocean.

Every week for 50 years, Sealand Boat Deliveries have been
moving special boats and important yachts for our customers.

Proteus 2014

In January 2014, we hauled the new catamaran PROTEUS 14.0m x 4.96m x 4.3m
cross-country from Grimsby GB to Largs GB.

Dunkirk veteran Anne ships home June 2010

In June 2010, we recovered from Dunkirk the "little ship" ANNE, celebrating
her return to France 70 years after rescuing soldiers from the beaches in 1940.

Cadhla in Liverpool 2010

In March 2010, we lifted the new 40 tonne barge CADHLA icebound in Lemmer NL
and launched the 18.0m vessel for restaurant service on the Liffey in Dublin IRL.

Cotton Blossom arrives Southampton, October 2005

In October 2005, we cradled and delivered the Sparkman Stephens 40 COTTON
from Ireland to Australia.

Cunning Plan Port Kelang, September 2004

We shipped the Jeanneau Sun Odyssée 34,2 sloop CUNNING PLAN from
Almere NL to the Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Port Kelang, Malaysia in 2004.

Torridon on M62 bound for Norway

We repatriated the 47ft 1912 Anker & Jensen IRC 9m sloop TORRIDON [LO III]
after breakdown in the Caledonian Canal. Delivered by road and ship to Norway.

Gipsy Moth III refitting in Italy

Gipsy Moth III sailing

We rescued Francis Chichester's 1958 GIPSY MOTH III - unseaworthy in Gibraltar - hauled across the Sierra Nevada for restoration in North Wales GB.

Egretta back

recovered the 8.3 m wooden sloop EGRETTA - impounded in the Corinth Canal, Greece - hauled home for repairs at her birthplace in Maldon, Essex, GB.

Madam back

repatriated the 21.3m modern classic cold-moulded wooden sloop MADAM, dismasted in the Skagerrak, delivered by road trailer from Risor, Norway, to Levington, Suffolk, England.

transported the restored Danish motor yacht OLIVIA from Estonia to Beaufort, South Carolina, USA, in 2003.

recovered, cradled and deliverered the Albin Vega sloop NUIT BLANCHE from Marseille-lés-Aubigny, France, to Melbourne, Australia, in January 2005.

rescued the stolen and stranded cruiser-racer BRIGAND OF MERSEY [Knud H. Reimers, Stockholm, 1955] - hauled from Barcelona E to Cheshire GB for refit.

salvaged the holed 12m blue water cruiser WITCH OF ENDOR from a beach in Loch Ryan, Scotland - lifted over a rock, winched up the beach, craned to our trailer - delivered for repairs in the front garden of a house in Manchester GB

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We have extricated, lifted and loaded countless boats from awkward corners all over the world and transported them as high and wide loads on the roads of Europe, to be launched on the rivers, canals and seas of the world.

If you send us the details of a current boat transport problem, we will try and offer you a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution. Our advice is free, although we might very well try to persuade you to give us the job!

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To sail is necessary, to survive is not necessary.

Attributed by Plutarch to Gnaeus Pompeius who sent sailors to sea in bad weather to bring grain from Africa to Rome.

Dubber Wolverhampton 1978

In Memoriam

The unforgettable Dubber died accidentally on a retirement holiday in 2009.

In this mid-seventies picture he paces out rough ground for colleague Norman Kay at the wheel of Scania 110 VHX678G. They are following the eccentric yacht builder Paddy Power across fields near Wolverhampton, to deliver his unusual PISCES 1 to Gloucester Docks.

Dubber was irrepressible, ingenious, brave and resourceful, a great driver, a good debater and a damned good union man. We miss him.