Sealand Boat Deliveries

 offer experience, flexibility, reliability, enthusiasm, neutrality

 When It Comes to Experience...

 We hold a vast data bank of information.

 We have the hull shape, weight and dimensions of thousands of yachts, old and new, on our files. We have contacts in hundreds of marinas and ports.

 Our abnormal load route planning system covers hundreds of possibilties.

 We have 38 years experience of transporting very high and very wide loads, but we are experienced in handling small craft and aware that the movement of the smallest yachts can be tricky and fiendishly complicated.

 We have no weight limit.

 No boat is too small for us.

 Our advice comes free of charge. Contact us at the planning stage.

 We know the territory.

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To sail is necessary, to survive is not necessary.

Attributed by Plutarch to Gnaeus Pompeius who sent sailors to sea in bad weather to bring grain from Africa to Rome.