When It Comes To Enthusiasm

Everyone at Sealand Boat Deliveries, front-line lorry drivers, yacht skippers and planners in the back office, shares an enthusiasm for yachts and yachting.

When our customers talk about "le bateau", "die yacht", "el barco", "o barco", "het yacht", "la barca" or even "our little ship", we share their enthusiasm.

Whether the boat lies upside down, trapped behind a brick wall under a London railway arch, or sinking slowly under red tape in the Corinth Canal, we are keen to get involved.

At Sealand, we are all yachtsmen.

 London 1999

Hull length 67 feet [20.4 m]. Requirements: extricate, turn, lift, rotate, load and deliver the cold-moulded hull of the remarkable 21.3m sloop MADAM to Suffolk ...

 West Wales to Cheshire 1991

Hull length 65 feet [19.8 m]. Beam: 16ft 3in [4.95 m]. Height: 14ft 9in [4.5m]. Weight 24 tonnes. Requirements: transport, lift and lower into fitting-out pit...


 Cradle Construction

 Preparing the Lift

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