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A berth on the Internet

    BTX - The Boat Exchange - provides the most
    efficient way to let many of the most skilful boat transporters look at your boat moving job.
    All seafarers know that boats and ships get stuck
    in the darndest places.
    Perhaps the cruising yacht you were hoping to
    sail home to the North Sea for the winter is still
    moored in a Mediterranean marina.
    Or that fine motor cruiser you're wanting to sell at
    the boat show is sitting in a hard-to-find workshop...
    with only two or three days left to go.
    A yacht in the wrong place can turn out to be the
    boat you most wanted to buy.
    Or maybe it's an emergency... a stranding or an
    engine breakdown.
    If you have a boat to move by land or sea,
    whether it's just a few miles down the road
    or half way round the globe, you can now post
    the details of your job on BTX, for inclusion
    The Boat Exchange Bulletin Board.

    BTX is the virtual market place, where the
    transporters exchange traffic information.
    All yachtsmen, all mariners, all sailors, are
    welcome on BTX... in a sailing emergency
    or at their leisure.
    There is no need to waste money 'phoning or
    writing round to spread word about your job.
    Just one shot from your desk to BTX is all you
    need to reach a dozen boat transporters.

    The BTX Questionnaire will ask for the important
    facts about your job. The BTX professionals will
    call you back to discuss the details or drop you
    some immediate price quotations.
    It's that simple - and it's a free service.
    Who knows?
    Your transport job might just fit the schedule
    of one of Europe's long haul boat transporters.
    For the transporter, it could be a welcome return
    load that he can offer to his customer at a much
    lower price.
    You might both be saving time & money and...
    helping to save the planet's resources.

    A tricky job that looks too difficult or too expensive
    might be plain sailing when viewed from the desk of
    a boat transport engineer with years of nuts and bolts experience.

No job is too small.
Few boat delivery jobs are too big
to be solved by someone,
somewhere on the Internet
... using BTX.

If you offer a service of interest to boat
owners (or have one to recommend) and
would like to see Internet Access details
included on our Links Menu, you can
send information now by clicking here.
We will check the URL and visit the site.
There is no charge for entries we accept.

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