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Last updated September 9, 2020
Here is the current callover of jobs looking for transporters.
To quote or to request more details, contact the customer directly
at the address shown on the board.


Faversham GB; Liverpool GB
twin screw wheelhouse ketch
ex Chambers Wharf, Faversham ME13 7BT
to Liverpool Marina, L3 4BP
length 10,66m
beam 3,26m
overall height 3,96m est
weight 10000kg
draught 1,21m
mast 8,53m
contact Jeremy Taylor +44 7827595007 or email
Conwy GB; East Llanion GBL
no date fixed
Merry Fisher 725 Legende
ex Conwy Marina
to East Llanion Marine,Warrior Way,SA72 6UB
length 7,14m
beam 2,75m
overall height 3,14m approx
weight 1850kg
draught 0,6m
contact by email
Fleetwood GB; Preston GB
motor sailer
ex Fleetwood Marina FY7 6PP
to Preston Marina
length 7,31m
beam 2,74m
overall height 3,04m
weight 4000kg apprx
draught 1,21m
mast 8,22m
contact +44 1772 632014 or email
Preveza GR; Portland GB
no date fixed
sailing yacht
ex Cleopatra Marina
to Osprey Quay,DT5 1DX
length 11,62m
beam 3,65m
overall height 3,76m approx
displacement 7000kg
draught 2,0m
contact +44 7811 458067 or email
Cannes F; Southampton GB
no date fixed
Nimbus 31C motorboat
ex water Vieux Port
length 9,3m
beam 3,2m
overall height 3,7m
displacement 3700kg
contact +44 2073521028 or email
Totnes GB; Plymouth GB;
ex Baltic Wharf Boatyard, St Peter's Quay, Totnes. TO9 5EW
unspecified marina
grp motorboat
length 9,75m
beam 3,2m
draught 1,0m
overall transport height 4,0m
displacement 8000kg
contact Bill Burke +44 7425 145136 or email
Scarlino I; Troon GB;
ex water marina di Scarlino,Puntone 58020,Scarlino(Grosseto)
Troon Yacht Harbour
Baltic 37 fin-keeled sloop
length 11,3m
beam 3,66m
draught 2,06m
overall transport height 4,0m
displacement 12500kg
mast 16,76m
contact +44 7736 158120 or email
Dartmouth GB; Preston GB;
no date fixed
ex water marina Darthaven Marina
Preston Marina
Ramparts 37 motor cruiser
length 11,3m
beam 3,05m
draught 0,9m
overall transport height 4,1m
displacement 8500kg
contact +44 7763147413 or email
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