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Last updated December 12, 2017
Here is the current callover of jobs looking for transporters.
To quote or to request more details, contact the customer directly
at the address shown on the board.


Cheshire GB; Béziers F;
ex hard to hard Villeneuve lés Béziers
Halvorsen Gowland 42 motor yacht
length 12,8m
beam 3,35m
draught 1,06m
overall height 3,8m
displacement 9625kg
contact by email
Southampton; Liverpool GB;
no date fixed
ex water Ocean Quay Marina to Liverpool Marina
Folkboat long keel sloop
length 7,6m
beam 2,2m
draught 1,2m
overall height 2,3m
displacement 2384kg
mast 10m approx
contact Paul Barrow +44 7850 027772 or email
Aberystwyth GB; Barton Turf GB;
no date fixed
ex marina to Cox's,Staithe Rd, NR12 8AZ
Peter Duck wooden ketch
length 8,7m
beam 2,7m
overall height 3,37m approx
draught 1,1m
main mast 10,0m
displacement 6000kg
contact Keith Payne +44 1263 578140 or email
Grimsby GB; Maryport GB;
no date fixed
ex water at G&C YC
Van de Stadt steel sloop
length 12,2m
beam 3,65m
overall height 4,0m approx
draught 2,0m
mast 16m approx
displacement 13000kg
contact +44 1257 483798 or email
Largs GB; Conwy GB;
no date fixed
ex hard at marina to marina
length 10,2m
beam 3,38m
overall height 3,7m
draught 1,67m
mast 14,23m
displacement 6700kg
contact +44 7835 468994 or email
Lefkas GR; Lymington GB;
no date fixed
ex hard Lefkas Marina
shrink-wrapped Nimbus 365 Coupe motor cruiser
length 11,56m
beam 3,5m
overall height 3,6m
draught 1,05m
displacement 6400kg
contact Peter Steinberger +44 7448 51794 or email
Ipswich GB; Stowmarket GB;
ex water Fox's Marina
to The Cart Lodge,Park Rd IP14 2JN
Contessa 35 fin keel sloop JACHOBY
length 10,8m
beam 3,48m
draught 1,93m
overall transport height 3,67m
displacement 6350kg
mast 15,5m
contact +44 7799403138 or email
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