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BTX takes you straight to weather reports, links you to boat transporters, offers print-outs of current sea conditions anywhere in the world, links you to national and international news, puts blue water cruisers in touch with the Web site of their home-town newspaper.

In 1997, our first recorded caller was a Californian who wanted his yacht transported from coast to coast in the USA and ever since that day our unusual boat transport exchange has put hundreds of yacht owners in touch with boat transporters. Post the details of your job on the BTX questionnaire. The boat transporters will reply with free advice and will usually offer a price quoation.

BTX is free. It is based in Britain and used by mariners all over the world.

On the pages of Coburg Yacht Brokers there are always yachts for sale.

BTX invites all workers in the marine industry to contact us. Send us your catalogue or brochure. We can probably post it to the Worldwide Web. We can also link your Web site into BTX. We are always open, for worldwide business.

1997 war unserer erster Kunde, ein Amerikaner aus Kalifornien, der seiner yacht von Küste zu Küste in Amerika transportieren liess. Seit diesem ungewöhnlichen boot transport hat unsere transportbörse hunderte von yachtbesitizern mit bootstransporteuren in verbindung gebracht.

Stellen sie ihr transportproblem auf dem BTX board dar. Die bootstranporteure geben ihnen kostenlose ratschläge und bieten preise an.

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